With both Herugrim scabbards sealed, I sanded the edges round. I tried to do it on the belt sander but, in the end, it was just easier to do with the Dremel sanding drum.


Even though the wood will be covered by leather, I puttied up the seam and sealed the wood with shellac. Just ‘cos.

I did final cleanup and applied a coat of primer to all the Devil May Cry guns. Tomorrow I’ll actually start assembling them. I expect to start knocking out kits during the Christmas break so you’ll have something to buy with the money that Grandma sends!


Because of the unnaturally rainy and cold Arizona day, primer and putty was taking forever to dry. Sounds like a good excuse to start my Dredd helmet kit that I bought on the RPF! The first task was to remove the extra plastic around the base.


Devin at BlueRealm, the maker of the helmet, had some refinements to the helmet after he molded it it. He was nice enough to include paper templates to make the face opening more accurate. I taped these on, and marked the cutting line with a Sharpie pen.


I cut out the excess material with a Dremel cutting wheel, leaving a little to more carefully clean up with a sanding drum and files.


Next I marked the edges of the helmet so I could sand the thickness to a consistent width all around. I also sanded off the shield above the eyes…Devin included replacement plastic so the shield would have sharper lines.


Once the edges were all trimmed, I skimmed Bondo inside the helmet to remove any slush casting variations. This won’t be seen once the lining goes in but I felt compelled to do it. How sad!

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2 Responses to Progress Friday 12/14/12

  1. Paul Rotzler says:

    Love it! Now we will be twinsies!

  2. can i have the devil may cry guns blueprint?

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