I get all the DK Star Wars books and love the cutaways of these things that don’t actually exist. Since I have a Stormtrooper helmet, I decided to ultra detail it, even though very few people will ever see it.


I sprayed the inside with with Plastidip which not only gives the surface a nice flat appearance, I’m told that it also helps with any echo when wearing it. The original eyes lenses were made with a single strip running across both eye holes. I cut out lenses and glued them in place. Finally, I added a foam border to match the DK illustration.


I drew up plans for the interior ear mechanism and printed them out as a building template. I could’ve 3D printed this part but I decided to go old-school and just freehand build it.


Both sides were cut from 1/4″ MDF.


The next layer was cut from 1/8″ acrylic.


The top layer was cut from scrap styrene.


A piece of styrene caps off the end.


To finish the pieces, holes were drilled around the edges. Both pieces were molded for later casting in flexible foam.


I used some packing foam to prototype the interior padding of the helmet.


Here are all the pieces test fit into the helmet. I’ll use these as a pattern to cut out of a 3/4″ foam sheet.


Back on Combat Carl’s boot, I placed and corrected spacing on the lace grommets.


The final modeled laces.


And so his boots don’t come untied, the bows are tucked into the top of the boot.


To prep the boots (and other parts) for printing, I split the parts in half and added a 1.5mm thickness.


The final action figure. I’ll re-print the hand, wrist and forearm after tweaking the parts. I’ll print the pelvis and one leg to test those parts before printing the complete figure.


I also did a little painting on my 30″ Big Figs K2-SO. I didn’t want to go crazy making it more accurate but I felt that adding the silver at the joints and on his face was needed.


Masking this for painting was SUCH a pain!


The joint discs were hand painted.


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