Hey everybody!

I want to give everyone a heads-up as tomorrow at 12:00 noon (AZ time), I will be starting my first (annual?) Blind Squirrel Props yard sale! But don’t feel like you need to drive to Arizona (although the weather is probably nice than where you live) as this sale will be held right here on the blog tomorrow with handy PayPal links so ANYONE can buy!

Among the select items for sale will be “factory second” castings, unsold props from the past, unique experiments and items form my personal collection. I’m also selling some kits that have been sitting around for a while for a big discount.

So check it out…maybe you’ll find something that Santa didn’t bring you!

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4 Responses to News!

  1. Carlos says:

    Too bad I live 5500 miles from there…

  2. Bruce Allen Conley says:

    But can you make a wooden dinosaur toy and a lighting McQueen wooden toy from Toy Story 3?

  3. Bruce Allen Conley says:

    How about on 2015 you’ll make a jack in a box, animal blocks and figures from Sunnyside Daycare from the film “Toy Story 3″?

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