It’s that time again! The new Vigil novella, Born for It, written by my friend Arvin Loudermilk, has just been released. If you were a reader of the comic book series, this one has Grace dealing out her unique brand of crazy-ass mayhem! Obviously, I designed the cover, or I probably wouldn’t be talking about this here!


Grace is in trouble. First, there’s her traitorous new boss—then she discovers her boyfriend Mac has gone missing. Or has he? A clue to Mac’s location surfaces, leading Grace straight into the heart of the enemy’s camp, a place where only the most desperate of vampires would dare to go.

Forgoing teen romance and gothic supernaturalism, Vigil is part hard-boiled thriller and part crime procedural, mixed with a dash of stark urban horror—a vampire tale built for the real world.


The Born for It e-book is available now from, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and the Kobo bookstore for $1.99.

Of course, the first Vigil e-book, The Blood Detail is still FREE on Kindle, iBooks and Kobo so it’s easy to jump in on the action!

It is also available as a trade paperback.

For more information on the series, check out Arvin’s site.

Also of non-prop newsworthiness, I have decided to focus my freelance design work on book design, since I’ve been doing so much of it. I just completed an overhaul of the website and I invite you to check it out (especially if you need a book designed!).


Back to props early next week!

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