Hey everyone! I have a couple of quick announcements regarding kits.


First off, due to popular demand, a (mostly) new version of the Outlaw Star Caster Gun has been added to the kit section. Most of the parts have been re-molded and the following adjustments have been made to the parts:

  • modified trigger so it is ready to install
  • mounting peg added to rear sight for a more secure glue joint
  • modified barrel with holes for rails so now it is MUCH easier to install the working breach


The instructions have been revised and can be downloaded HERE.

Order yours HERE

Secondly, I finally got around to writing up the instructions for the Cardcaptor Sakura Star Wand so I could add it to the kit section. It comes in two versions: A Standard model consisting of all white resin parts (head piece, tip, flared wand ends and gems) and a Deluxe version with clear-red resin gems and tip.


The instructions can be downloaded HERE

Both can be ordered HERE.


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  1. Rizal Adikara says:

    magic knight ray earth swords please ::D

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