Hey everybody! I’m just working on a few commissioned builds right now but I wanted to show off some new books I designed for author Arvin Loudermilk. Be sure to click on each preview for a nice big view of them!


Vigil collects the eight-part novella series that I’ve been talking about for the past couple of years.


—Officer Grace Kimble is called to the scene of a murder in progress and stumbles onto LA’s dirtiest little secret—vampires are real. A citywide manhunt ensues and Grace finds herself working alongside a group of hotshot detectives who’ve been pursuing these creatures for years. Grace’s time in a patrol car may be at an end, but her nights on the street have only just begun.

Since Arvin updated his first two books, they really needed new covers. It was a real challenge to get the original out of your head and come up with something new, but I’m happy with the results.


What happened to the city of Echograd?

—After two decades on the moons of Kroma, the Collective colonies have begun to fracture and fray. Twenty-one-year-old Magistrate Tana Kucherov has held office only a few scant months, but already challenges test her leadership at every turn—an untamable alien frontier, a renegade security service, a dissident religious sect. And then, hurtling in from the blind side, there is August the third, the day of days—a split second where, just like that, a civilization is faced with loss and tragedy beyond all human imagining.

The cover for “A New World” has always been a tough nut to crack. You want to visually hint at what might be waiting on a new planet but without giving anything away. I think this approach does that and also ties it back to the human elements which are always a big part of Arvin’s books.

The moon of Verdan is no paradise.

Arrival is imminent. Eighty years after leaving Earth, the interstellar transport Horizon is days away from its final destination—the unexplored moon of Verdan. Siblings Mikhail and Mary are at loose ends, occupied with plans, preparations, and personal struggles, in near constant conflict with their elderly father Dimitri, the expedition’s founder and a man obsessed with staging the perfect landing. But when touchdown commences, what lies in wait on this little green moon? Is it home, horror, or something far more mysterious?

All are available in print (as pictured) at Amazon.com, and in e-book format at Amazon.com, iTunes, Google Play, Barnes & Noble and the Kobo bookstore. Check out Arvin’s site for more info!

More props next week…promise!

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