Andy’s room wouldn’t be complete without the ever-helpful Mr. Spell!

The kit includes a resin casting from my molds of all the parts to build Mr. Spell: body shell halves, feet, side buttons, frame, battery door, magnets and handle. These are raw casts from my molds that will have to be cleaned up before assembly.

The screen inserts (whether lit or paper) can be ordered to spell out any message desired. I can fit 8 messages per page, 20 characters (including spaces) per message.

The original project can be seen HERE.

Instructions for assembly and painting can be downloaded before purchase.

The kit can be ordered as a static kit with paper inserts in the message screen for $150 with FREE shipping in the US.


A lighted kit (as seen on the blog) can be ordered forĀ $225 with FREE shipping in the US. It includes all the parts of the basic kit plus, ready-to-install lights, clear window, tint sheets (to color the lighted letters), and eight transparencies with expressions of your choice.



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