I’ll be selling kits from a few of my past projects (as long as the molds hold together) and most of the future ones, if possible.

NOTE: Prop building is my hobby and not my full-time job. Although I usually can get kits out in the mail the Monday following the order, there are times that my day job, other orders, or real life prevent me from getting the kit out right away. In that rare event, I will let you know what’s going on and when you can expect it. If your order is time-sensitive, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Use the Contact form for questions or for non-US order information.

Alan Moore Action Figure
Cast resin from a 3-D printed master
Amulet of Anubis
Available in solid resin or cold cast brass
Boromir's Shield Boss
Slush cast in resin plastic. Kit needs cleanup and painting.
Claire Redfield's Knife
Resin knife comes complete with laser engraved insignia on both sides of the blade. The kit includes two sides of the knife.
Cotton Hill Action Figure
3D-printed by Shapeways in their full-color Sandstone material.
Devil May Cry Pistols Kit
Cast resin kit to make both of Dante's guns.
Dog Badge
Cold cast brass badge perfect for dog collar or keychain. Split ring included.
Helm of King Theoden Kit
Kit includes cold-cast brass helmet and parts, pre-assembled stamped leather armor and hardware.
Horn of Gondor
Resin kit cast from my original molds. The kit includes both halves of the horn, resin brackets and steel strap rings.
Mr. Bushido's Mask
Mask is slush cast in plastic resin from my molds. Strap hooks are included in the kit.
Mr. Spell Kit
Cast in plastic resin from my molds. Light up screen is an available option.
Outlaw Star Caster Gun
AVAILABLE AGAIN! Kit to make your own loadable Caster Gun. Cast resin parts (new barrel and shell mold), metal hardware and cold-cast aluminum breach rails.
Rohirrim War Axe Kit
Aluminum cold cast axe head with wooden handle.
Sakura Star Wand Kit (New & Improved!)
Kit includes cast resin head, flared ends, gems and wand tip. Just add a 1" wooden dowel!
Samurai Mempo
Cast resin chin armor to complete your suit.
Stark Infantry Helmet Kit
Aluminum cold cast helmet.
Talisman Detector Kit
Kit contains cast resin handle and four (4) resin dragons.
Tenchi Muyo! Hilt
Resin kit cast from my original molds. The kit includes both sides of the hilt and six red acrylic gems.
TMNT Action Figure Stands
Set of four action figure stands for your favorite sewer-dwelling reptile warriors.
Robot Toy Kit
Cast in plastic resin from my molds, clear vacuum formed pieces and rubber treads. Light kit is an available option.
Snake Toy Kit
Fully articulated and functional toy made from 3D printed parts with vinyl decals.
Uruk-Hai General Helmet Kit
Slush cast in plastic resin Berserker helmet and additional parts to make the General's version.
Uruk-Hai Berserker Helmet Kit
Slush cast in plastic resin from my molds as a one-piece hollow wearable replica.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dueling Gauntlet
Resin cuff, knuckle plates and removable stars. Kit does not include glove.


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