When heading into battle, a King needs a king’s helmet. Theoden’s amazing helm will definitely mark you as the one to fill with arrows!

The kit includes a brass cold-casting of the helmet, parts, screw posts, chicago screws to hold the leather armor, and acrylic gems. Contact me to order the leather armor. The price of the assembled leather armor ranges from $100 to $150, depending on how fast you need it. If you can wait, I can submit it with other orders to get the price on the low side.

For those adventurous souls or experienced leather workers, I’m happy to share the pattern if you want to make your own.

For the budget minded, I am offering a resin version of the kit (not cold cast). This contains all hardware but no leather armor.

My friend Paul has offered to polish kits if you want to save yourself some work. That’s what I did! His services are included in the “polished” option.

The original project can be seen HERE.

You can download and read the instructions HERE.

$250 Resin Kit with FREE shipping in the US

$300 Cold Cast Kit with FREE shipping in the US

$500 Polished kit with FREE shipping in the US

International customers: Please use the contact form for additional shipping costs before ordering.


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