For Halloween 2006, I decided to build Master Chief’s armor from the video game Halo 2.


The suit and helmet was entirely built out of styrene sheets, some foam and wood. The final result is not accurate by any means but good enough for a few nights at Halloween.


The full build description can be read here.

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7 Responses to HALO 2 Master Chief Armor

  1. El Dave says:

    Wow, that helmet is looking great! Keep up the good work!

  2. Your work is simply superb !! Great Blog !!

  3. Dave says:

    Your work in this case is far from “dumb.” Please contact me as i would like to discuss some business with you.
    I am the president of survival consultants international,llc.
    Use the contact page on the website (unless you get it here, i just dont want to get spammed…)
    Send me your email so we can discuss the details, etc.
    Thanks, DW

  4. Anonymous says:

    😉 very good i dl the images but the numbers are crazy :1-2-8-19 etc.

  5. I take a bunch of photos for myself but not all of them are good enough or relevant to showing the process. Also missing are the mis-steps and outright screw ups!

  6. Where did you get the gold tinting stuff? I need something like that but I'll need it to be blue, I have a project coming up that I'd like to start getting my ducks in a row early because it's important to me personally.

  7. I went to a window tint shop. They only had a gold to dark gradient so I just used the bottom half.

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