I decided to go out for Halloween this year at the last minute so I dragged my old Sauron costume of its mannequin. I spent Saturday fixing old damage and upgrading the greaves.

Since most of the costume is metallic vinyl, it’s light and pretty comfortable. The helmet, for some reason, was really tight and just killed my head wearing it. I’m sure it didn’t shrink over the past 5 years so I guess my skull got bigger. Ironically, the helmet is too tall proportionately so I’m rocking a bobblehead look…maybe this is how Sauron looked as a child.

An additional pic from Rand Lyons via Facebook

Wearing this again really makes me want to rebuild an accurate copy of the armor in fiberglass or resin. Maybe for next Halloween!

I’ll continue to update this post as new photos come in.

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2 Responses to Halloween Update

  1. schuenator says:

    Looks cool dude

  2. Paul Rotzler says:

    Mike is being modest. What he’s NOT saying, is that he had people talking to him all night. He also won best costume at the party we went to.

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