Since designs in the gaming world have to be constructed in the virtual world, the reference tends to be more consistent. Most of these projects were commissioned.

.hack: Haseo's Weapons
Built from MDF and wood with cast resin guards.
Devil May Cry: Dante’s Guns
Twin pistols made from MDF, with plastic details and static hammers and triggers.
Devil May Cry: Dante's Guns 2
Twin pistols made from laser cut and engraved MDF with plastic details.
Dragon Quest: Roto’s Sword
Sword made from wood, styrene and MDF.
Fallout: AEP7 Laser Pistol
Built from MDF, wood and plastic with muzzle light and firing sound from the game.
Final Fantasy XII: Penelo’s Staff
A six foot replica built from MDF and oak dowels. It can be disassembled for easy transport and the bell will drive you nuts as you walk around.
Final Fantasy XIV: Bagh Nakhs
The identical weapons were built from cast resin parts, wood and miscellaneous hardware.
Gears of War: Sawed-Off Shotgun
A breach-loadable replica built from ABS and PVC pipes, MDF, wood and metal.
Guilty Gear: Paracelsus
A 7-foot replica built with plastic-clad foam and ABS pipe.
Halo 2: Master Chief’s Mjolnir Armor
Built for Halloween of 2006, the suit was built with sheet styrene, foam and wood.
Mystical Ninja Goemon: Kiseru
Giant Japanese pipe replica made mostly with wood.
Persona 4: Izangi-no-Okami
Roto cast resin helmet with 5-foot twin balsa blades hanging off the back.
Resident Evil: Claire Redfield’s Knife
Cast resin knife made from laser cut MDF masters.
Soul Calibur: Taki’s Swords
Both swords built with cast resin copies of 3D printed parts, wood and plastic.
Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Marth’s Sword
Sword and scabbard built from wood, plastic and acrylic gems.
Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Ragnell Sword
Built from wood with plastic and acrylic details.
Tengai Makyou II: Manjimaru’s Sword
Built with a wooden a wooden blade with a MDF guard. The scabbard is wood and MDF, with cast resin scales and whiskers.


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