I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and the New Year seemed like as good a reason as any. Over the years I’ve had a bunch of stuff stacking up in the closet and it’s all got to go! First come, first served so no whining if you miss it!

D. Grey Man Sword

Back in the early days of BSP, I made a sword for my sister. I built a few extra but only this one remains.


Over 38″ long with lined scabbard. Made from hardwood with styrene detail. Read the original post HERE.



Final Fantasy XII: Penelo’s Staff

Another extra from the original commission. Over 6 ft tall (75″) with removable blade and tip for easy transportation. Oak shaft with MDF blade. Real ringing bell to drive everyone nuts at your next convention! Read the original post HERE.


$120 shipped in the US



Interstella 5555 Shep’s Helmet kit

Thick helmet casting with resin visor trim and clear PETG plastic visor.




Read the original post HERE.

$175 shipped in the US



Outlaw Star Caster Gun kit

I started to build this but never got beyond the grip. You’ll get the full kit but you’ll already have a leg up as the trigger is all done!



See the original build HERE.

$200 shipped in the US




Boromir Shield Boss

I mixed up too much brass and resin so I dumped it into the shield boss mold. A nice copy but some of the stars have air bubbles at the tips. Cold cast brass backed with slush cast Onyx for a super strong piece.

See the original build HERE.







Yoko Ritona Sniper Rifle parts kit

The grip was meant to be used on a rifle build that fell through. Attach it to a PVC pipe and you’re on the way to a giant sniper rifle. Both sides of the grip held together by Chicago screws. Moving trigger just needs a spring.


Also included in the set is a plastic folding stock, pink sling belting, real metal scope mounts, rear scope magnifying lens, sling buckles and vinyl barrel stripes.


See the original build HERE.




Uruk-Hai Berserker helmet kit

I started to build this one but ran short of time. The back plate has been reconstructed but I didn’t do anything else. I will include eye inserts to give the helmet the more accurate round, piggy eye holes (if you want them).

See the original build HERE.






Yu-Gi-Oh! Dueling Gauntlet kit

Resin cuff halves, cold cast knuckle plates and stars. See the original build HERE.


$35 shipped in the US. Regular kit price $75




Sakura Sealing Wand kit

The star-head wand version. Includes both halves of the head, flared wand tips, red clear resin gems and red clear resin wand tip. Just add a 1″ dowel, glue and paint!

See the original build HERE.


$150 shipped in the US.



Mr. Bushido’s Mask kit

Full face mask kit includes strap hangers. See the original build HERE.


$30 shipped in the US. Regular kit price $75



Resident Evil Knife kit

I have two kits available. Glue the two sides together, paint and you’re done!

See the original build HERE.


$30 each kit, shipped in the US. Regular kit price $50



X/1999 Shinken Sword

This was produced at the time of the original build. Two went to the clients, one was sold shortly thereafter and this last one has been hanging on my wall ever since. The molds are long since destroyed so there will only ever be four copies of this massive beauty! See the original build HERE.




$400 shipped in the US



Foam Game of Thrones Dragon egg

This was the result of an experiment with Smooth-on Flex Foam It. Essentially, it’s a Nerf dragon egg from my molds!


On one side, some of the scales didn’t reproduce very well.


Squishy, light and THROWABLE!


$20 shipped in the US



Gas Mask Resin Casting

My friend Paul has been working on a personal project where he had a few extra castings go unused. This would be excellent for a Golden Age Sandman costume or a steampunk ensemble.

The white one is cast in a hard Smooth Cast 300 resin.



Each one comes with a screw-in resin filter grill.


The two red ones were cast in SmoothCast 60D so they are more flexible.


White Resin
$15 shipped in the US

Red Trimmed

$15 shipped in the US


Red Untrimmed

$25 shipped in the US



The fine print: All sales final. International customers are advised to purchase first, then contact me for additional shipping (I’ll deduct US shipping from your postage total). I’ll update this page as items are sold. Any questions, contact me through the contact form. All packages will ship the Monday following purchase.

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10 Responses to First Annual Blind Squirrel Yard Sale

  1. Bruce Allen Conley says:

    You forgot Mr. Spell from Toy Story.

  2. Ollie says:

    how much is shipping to england, interested in the uruk hai helmet

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