I was commissioned to build the Laser Pistol from the video game “Fallout”. The client requested a light in the muzzle and sound when the trigger is pulled as well as a working battery compartment and two batteries that could fit inside.


The replica was built from MDF, wood, and plastic and featured a removable battery, moving trigger, muzzle light and firing sound sampled from the game.


You can see a full build description HERE.

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10 Responses to Fallout AEP7 Laser Pistol

  1. Weaselhammer says:

    That looks great ! I really appreciate write ups like this from people such as yourself and Volpin. I learn alot from you guys and appreciate your willingness to share ! Do you have any Ideas for a source for 1/4″ mdf ? I have used up my stash and cannot find anymore around here. Also, do you use anything to seal the mdf once it's shaped ? I am STILL trying to get some details smoothed out for casting my Ion Blaster but it's kicking my behind ! Thanks again for sharing you're build, it really looks amazing !

  2. You can get easy-to-handle 1/4 sheets of 0.25″ and 0.125″ MDF at your local Home Depot. It's cheaper to buy the full 4' x 8' sheet but who has room for that sitting around?

    I seal my MDF with shellac. Use a bunch and it soaks in and hardens the outer 1/16″. Then when you sand it, it smooths out fast. Usually there is very little putty work to be done.

    BTW, be sure to wear a respirator when sanding shellac-treated MDF. Both are VERY VERY BAD for you.

  3. Weaselhammer says:

    Awesome, I'll ask home depot if they can order it since they don't have it in stock, and I'll try that shellac suggestion (with a respirator) ! Thanks again !

  4. Tachikawa says:

    Sugoi…You sure got complete Item and stuff to make those…For me…you looks like Props God…
    I can't even see anyone better than you…
    Even compared to myself…
    I still got more things to learn…
    Thanks for the info…

  5. You are too kind! I still have plenty to learn myself but you make progress with every build. Prop making is a journey, not a destination!

  6. naachi says:

    OMG, …I just love ya so much for this! Q___Q;
    Fallout3 is one of my absolute favorite games and I love mostly all weapondesings from that game, and you just make so cool stuff out of it <3 <3 <3
    It's amazing Q-Q <3
    It made me so happy to read and watch how you did this piece of work 😀 <3
    Would love to see more from Fallout3 :>
    Genius! òó

  7. Great work on both making it, and documenting the process!

  8. Alex.G says:

    A video would of been fantastic

  9. Wow! It looks just like a real pistol (well, a futuristic one)!

  10. jonathan #alfans elirick says:

    make a kit for this to #alfans elrick

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