I am currently booked up about 18 months in advance. If you need it before then, I probably won’t be able to fit you in.

IMPORTANT: I am now only building items from my personal build list. Check the list before submitting an estimate request. If it is not related to an item on the list, you probably won’t get a reply.

I wish I could reply to everyone but I get too many requests for things I’ve already built or items not on the build list. If you don’t see a kit, I won’t be remaking the project…I say this with peace and love!

If you are under 18 years old, you must have a parent or guardian place the order on your behalf.

NON U.S. RESIDENTS: Please check your local laws concerning weapons laws before placing your order. I will work to make your prop compliant but I cannot be held responsible if your prop gets nabbed by Customs.

I occasionally do commissioned builds of my kits. Price is approximately 3X the kit price (kit in cluded). Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in this service.

I ask for a deposit of 1/3 the final build cost (or $100, whichever is smaller) up front to cover materials and research time. After I receive the deposit, I work up some full size plans that I’ll send to you for your approval. No actual construction will start until you’re happy with the plans.

Once your scheduled build time arrives, the second half of the balance is due. During the build I’ll be taking pictures for the Progress section that I’ll share with you to 1) make sure you know what’s happening with your prop, 2) allow you to ask questions or make changes before it’s too late and 3) for me to show off!! 😉

After the prop is done, I’ll box it up and weigh it for a postage estimate. The build cost balance + actual shipping costs are due before the item ships. Once they’ve shipped, I’ll send you tracking information.

Estimate Form

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