For a giant comic geek like me, this category is deficient. I plan to remedy that. Most of these were personal projects.

Collective: Fuse Gun
Built from styrene and miscellaneous hardware.
Comi-Ame: Black Canary Throwing Stars
Cut from poplar with cast resin hubs.
Hellboy: BPRD Pistol – Comic Book Version
A commissioned replica of Big Red's sidearm from Mike Mignola's comic books.
Judge Dredd: Brian Bolland-Style Helmet
Cast resin wearable helmet with cold-cast brass badge.
Judge Dredd: East-Meg Judge's Helmet
Wearable cast resin helmet with cold-cast brass badge.
Thor: Comic Book Mjölnir
Built with MDF and a tree stake.
Thor: Beta Ray Bill’s Hammer Stormbreaker
Built with MDF attached to a PVC pipe handle.


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