I was commissioned to make the “Sealing Wand” from the manga and anime series Card Captor Sakura (aka Cardcaptors). In the series the Bird headed top changes to…


…A star in a ring with tiny wings! Magic, folks!


The final assembled star wand was made with resin parts cast from 3D printed masters.


The staff has a threaded end so the bird head can be attached.

Final assembled bird head version.


The entire build process can be seen HERE.

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25 Responses to Cardcaptors: Sakura’s Sealing Wand

  1. Tachikawa says:

    Sugoi…I too want to try make it…
    I will make your blog as a reference…
    Arigatou Sensei…

  2. Emilie says:

    You did an amazing job.

  3. wingedxangel says:

    This is so wicked! How much did you charge for this? (:

  4. Email me and we'll talk!

  5. S. says:

    Better than the original!
    You're a genius. really.

  6. Miss Romy says:

    I just love how clean cut your work looks, also great color matching :3

  7. moirose says:

    Can I ask how much you would charge? I am only finding very expensive, plastic props and your work is amazing and very high quality.I would like it for cosplay and (because I am a nerd) just to have it. The convention is not until November (or) next April.
    Thanks a bunch, you have a lot of skill.

  8. Since I'm so busy, I can only supply parts for these that you can assemble around a 1″ wooden dowel. Contact me thru my email in the “profile” for pricing.

  9. Neeners says:

    Wow excellent work! I have some shapeways CCS staffs, but they are small. When I looked at printing full size it was quite a high price.

    How much was it to print the star head? I see you have only done half for the resin mold. good idea…

  10. My cost to 3D print was (I think) $90. I knew it was going to be molded so I could keep the walls very thin. The 3D printing still has issues where the surface is rough like sandpaper. It took some effort to sand it smooth. But in the end it was worth getting the geometry perfect.

  11. Yuanrave says:

    T______T I wanna one of each too! I'm so envious

  12. YinYangOtaku says:

    Wrong. On the bird head, the wings are attached in the back on the bottom, so technically the the bird head is inaccurate. Link > http://fav.me/d36zjmn
    Besides that, I'm impressed of the final product. It's almost like you just pulled it out of the show. Almost.

  13. Where the hell were you last April? lol

    Maybe for Bird Head Mark II….

  14. I actually based the wand off the manga art books which are quiet different from the anime wand. So technically it is correct I guess it just depends on the version you like I prefer the manga wand look to the anime one.

  15. OMFG, I think I just fell in love with you. I plan on looking but have you by chance done Salior Pluto's staff? I am going to scour your page now.

  16. Seraphica says:

    I really love how the beak has a similar sheen to the resin bits – how did you manage that?

  17. Alicia says:

    Hi, can i buy this? :)

  18. hannahL. says:

    hi how much if i will buy the star wand? please ? :( thank you

  19. Proud OTAKU says:

    Is it possible to buy this? If so, how much money would it be?

  20. Honey Moon says:

    This work is awesome!! I Love Sakura!! :)

  21. Arielle Parr says:

    This looks AMAZING, I’m guessing I could not afford one but how much would you charge? I’m wanting to do a Sakura cosplay but lack the skills, lol.

  22. Ioouo says:

    how much do you sell them for?

  23. Summi says:

    What are the dimentions and sizes for all of the pieces?(in inches)

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